project acreage: Naturschutzgebiet Selketal

100% planted (trees: 7000 of 7000)
This is an ambitious project in the natural preserve "Selketal" in the Harz region. We will plant on approx. 2.5 hectares a new forest - all in all 7000 trees. In detail, we will plant 4000 beech trees, 2000 oak trees, 500 ash trees und 500 sycamore maple trees.

The reforestation area is part of the natural preserve „Selketal" and is operated by the forestry service "Ostharz". The acreage is located on the right hand of the valley between the tavern "Selkemuehle" and Meisdorf, directly at the hiking trail.

The bark beetle and the storm "Kyrill" have left the acreage severely damaged. It is important to curtail the increasing erosion - therefore we quickly want to reforest this area in the winter between 2009 and 2010. The plantings are complicated because the mountain side is quite steep, there are no trails on the hill, some rocks are protruding the surface and the humus layer is quite thin. We will face higher costs to prepare the soil prior to the plantings. In some spots we even have to fill top soil.
The acreage is also in the middle of a deer area, it will be necessary to protect the seedlings from damage by the animals. It is our objective to erect a hill protecting forest as a healthy ecosystem and a permanent deciduous forest of mixed species. If you donate more than hundred trees per kind, the amount that must be paid is reduced by one Euro per tree. We are grateful for every support.

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