project acreage: Oberharz Rübeland

100% planted (trees: 8000 of 8000)
We will plant on an acreage of about 2,2 hectares that was hit by the storm „Kyrill“ about 8000 sycamore maple trees. All in all the storm “Kyrill” destroyed 200.000 solid cubic meters of spruce wood in the Oberharz region.

The deforested areas can only be replanted with trees, having a higher resistance to extreme weather conditions. (frost, snow, drought) The sycamore maple is a domestic tree, perfectly fits the location and is more resistant to coming climate changes. The ecological value of this tree species is much higher than those of conifer trees. Its fast growing in its youth and helps to increase the share of deciduous forests. The area belongs to the federal state. We will have to prepare the soil and we must fence the area.

All in all we will need about 20.000 Euro to reforest. Every tree costs including all preparation-, side- and maintenance costs about 3 Euro. If you are willing to plant more than 100 trees you will have to spend only 2 Euro per tree. Since this project is our first project with the Landesforstbetrieb (federal forestry service) each tree that will be donated is funded with 1 Euro by the LFB.

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