project acreage: Deponie Wallendorf IV

27.44% planted (trees: 2963 of 10800)

The area is located between Merseburg and Leipzig near the country road B181 on the edge of the village of Wallendorf. The 15-hectare site is a former dump, which was covered with sewage sludge and soil shortly after the turnaround. Analysis have shown that the potential hazard of the deposits can be estimated as low.

The Wallendorf dump is to be transformed in a nature-oriented and location-appropriate manner and "returned" to nature. To this end, we divide the area into individual sections and observe their development. After Wallendorf I, II and III we will forest the rest of the area with various tree species. The experiences so far have shown that maple is better suited to soil conditions (high nitrogen content, drought) than oak. After having consulted the responsible forestry and nature conservation authority we plant maple, wild cherry, linden and hornbeam. By planting additional tree species, we not only test their suitability for the site, but also increase biodiversity in this region.

The 1,8 hectare is planted with a total of 9,000 trees. Online is shown to be 20% more, so that we have a buffer to be able to compensate in the case of failures (eg. due to drought). Due to the strong growth of nettles, thistles and grasses, we will cultivate the area on an ongoing basis, especially during the first years after planting.

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