project acreage: Kobschütz

100% planted (trees: 64000 of 64000)
The concerning area used to be a mining landscape which has been rehabilitated from the LMBV (Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH) in the 90s. The surrounding areas have been reforested or sold. The amusement park Belantis bought our area among others in 2004 in order to guarantee compensation areas for building the amusement park in the first place. However, bushes have been grown exuberantly in this particular area. We contacted and agreed with Belantis that we will cover a part of the obligated afforestation and get the entire area „for free“ in return. In particular, that means that we will reforest 30 ha and pay a symbolic price of 1 Euro for the total area of 68 ha. Hence, a win-win solution for both sides.

The major part has already been afforested or is being at the moment and now we are able to focus on yet another 20 ha since the authorisation has been issued. What’s best about this model is the fact that we are definitely saving cots in order to establish an area of common-benefit. In addition, our know-how is the key to afforesting and maintaining the areas on a low cost basis. Hence, these areas will always be of common-benefit nature and any future gains can be dedicated to further charitable purposes.

We are planting along the soil profile as followed:
  • As it is rather dry at the top we will plant pines. 
  • Since the water runs faster at the hillsides we will plant larches.
  • At the socket where the water is accumulating we will plant black alders and other deciduous trees.

*Update July 19th, 2017:
After inspection on site and consultation with the competent authority, we will adjust the composition of the tree species and initially reduce the number of trees. In the late autumn of 2017, we will forest the area we have already freed from the Sanddorn and fenced. Here we will mainly plant pine and larch. The rest of the trees we plant in groups. Compared to the large-area removal of the existing vegetation, this procedure is notably more environment-friendly and flexible.

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