project acreage: Deponie Wallendorf II

100% planted (trees: 12400 of 12400)
We have initiated the afforestation approval from the local authorities for the next part of the project acreage Wallendorf. We call it Wallendorf II. Close to the entrance, located at the north edge we will fence two hectares. Planting will take place in spring 2015. It might be even possible to plant the oaks and maples already in fall 2014, in case a lot of trees have been donated by then.

There is also a novelty starting with this project. For the first time we are able to take fuzzy prices. Until now our bank connector only allowed prices in whole Euros. So we can calculate our prices exactly. So this will democratize our platform - bigger donors will from now on pay the same prices as people donating only a few trees.

If you would like to know more about our motivation, process on this project or seek for a general description please see the extensive description of Wallendorf I.

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