11.08.2015 - von Christian Lingnau

12. Why do you focus on afforestation in middle Europe instead of the tropical rainforests?

We are certain, that the tropic rainforests are of great importance regarding our climate and the earth. The influence on the global water circulation as well as the radiation balance is common knowledge. In addition, these forests display great biodiversity.

Nonetheless, we decided to focus on our local trees and forests simply due to the fact, that we can guarantee their protection best from here. Buying areas, combined with binding agreements are our insurance to save the planted trees until these have become sustainable and diversified forests.. Moreover, local forests are simply a natural CO2-reducer and have a positive impact on the quality of the air we breathe and the water circles within our region. Plus, who doesn’t like to take a stroll through local forests? Yet another important aspect is, that not only do we benefit, but also endangered wild animals that find shelter and safety within the depths of the forest. It further gives us the advantage of not always having to travel all the way to the tropic rainforests, check upon the progress in order to keep you up to date on how our – and your – trees are growing.

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