11.08.2015 - von Christian Lingnau

9. Are the money transactions on IPAT safe?

Yes, it is. It is our priority to provide the highest safety as possible. Once you are executing your payment you will be directed to the encoded website of the bank. That means, that the bank is providing the document for your data. The only thing we are doing is the illustration according to our design – via iFrame. Therefore, your data is only received for this one time payment by the bank itself (if you chose debit entry) or your credit card company (when paying by credit card). Further, we need to use your details once again – but only to create your donation receipt as well as to send it off to you. Therefore, your private details are only saved at the banks homepage. However, if you’d like to avoid this, you can donate directly via:

Wald 1.1 gGmbH

Donation account 222 888

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

Bank code 860 205 00

Keyword "I Plant A Tree"

IBAN: DE87860205000003456100


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