11.08.2015 - von Christian Lingnau

1. How does I Plant A Tree (IPAT) work?

First option is to simply go outside and plant one or more trees. Then just take a picture and register the tree on our platform. Share it with other users or your friends and spread the word. Team-up with others and plant more. However, please make sure that you keep yourself informed about the trees you are planting and that these fit into and are profitable to the flora of your region.

Most users choose the second option: you can donate trees and we will plant them for you. This option is more effective since we can also guarantee professional handling with the help of foresters. Therefore, our project areas will first appear online and can be planted „virtually“. Once the area is planted online, we instruct and assign qualified and regional foresters with fencing, planting and continuous and on-going maintenance. On nearby acreages we do - wherever reasonable - maintenance or other tasks on our own and with volunteers.

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