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10,00 €
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how it works:

This is the easy solution for those who support us regularly. With our tree subscription, you don't have to fill in the form every time you donate a tree - you do it once for all. We call it "Tree-Sub" but it actually is not a sub. You can stop it, change it whatever you want - daily.

We arrange and prepackage fresh "plant-buckets" for you and will see that every time we put in various tree types from different projects. You can choose if you want to plant one tree a day or 10 trees a month or any other combination - just as you and your wallet like it. You can change it as needed. At the bottom you find a button that tells you the costs. You can also fill the tree-sub by a fixed amount of money instead by the number of trees. Example: 10 Euros / month ... etc.

For each planting, you will receive an Email approving your donation/ planting. All options to edit and delete the tree-sub can be found under your profile/subscriptions. Your data will be stored on a secure and encrypted container on our server. As soon as you delete your tree sub - all data will be deleted. If you want to start a new subscription, you have to enter all data again.
If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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