project acreage: Erstaufforstung Nietleben

100.05% planted (trees: 4002 of 4000)
Our first project area we own - unbelievable! We have taken some of the contribution margins from other projects and put some of our own money in the pool to buy land for trees. We have tried to bid on several acreages, which we estimated to be in our price range. We have set ourselves a price limit and visited the desired land a couple of times.

Now, we placed a bid and won the auction for 6.88 hectares in the outskirts of Halle/Saale. The land is partly (5 hectares) grown with young trees - about 15-20 years old. The population consists of 60% maple, 20% black pine and 20% birch trees. The forest needs some cleaning, since some idiots have confounded the place with a waste disposal. The remaining land will be partly reforested and less than one hectare will be left to nature. It's kind of a wetland with reeds and various types of grasses. We will ask biologists to have a look at this place to see what kind of species we have in this place. The rest of the acreage will be reforested by us - mainly with oak and beech.

We have the chance to live up to the vision we had right from the beginning - to operate forests on our own and switch to a sustainable and ecological way of forestry on all acreages under our management. With your donations we could take the profit pressure off the forests and forestry management.

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