project acreage: Erstaufforstung Göritz

100% planted (trees: 27000 of 27000)

This is a pure first-time forestation project.  The useful acreage is quite large-scale for us - we plant 27,000 trees on 3.4 hectares. Located in the heart of the Flaeming, (The Flaeming Heath is a hill chain region that stretches over 100 km from the Elbe river to the Dahme River between the German states of Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg... more information on Wikipedia, you can find it when you drive on state road B107 coming from Autobahn A9 on the right hand side just before you reach a small village called Goeritz. 

On this type of sandy ground, the natural plant cover would probably be Scots Pine. Again, we strive to add ecological value by mixing the new forest with Red Oak and Black Locust (Robinia) to tackle several challenges we have here. First, the state road is an unintended hotspot because of its large red deer population. Second, during mostly dry summers, it experiences an increased likelihood of forest fires since the nearby area is grown with other pine forests. We meet these challenges by planting the trees in three stages. On the roadside, we plant some shrubs to give the forest a natural border. Right adjacent to this, 5,000 Robinia will be planted. This tree type offer some key advantages: it can cope with the salt scattered on the street during the winter and it provides no food for deer, so the animals will feed away from the street. The ecological impact and the pros and cons of planting these trees are better articulated here:

Following the Black Locust planting, we will plant 12,000 Red Oaks. Because of their low flammability factor, this sector of the forest will act as a natural protective shield from wildfires. Neighboring the oaks, we plant the pine trees on the remaining hectare.
850 meter of robust manmade fencing must be built to ensure deer are kept out. We must also calculate a 20 percent decrease in the survival rate because the sandy soil will surely force the replanting of seedlings.  This figure builds in the care / maintenance for 5 years until we have a stable growth 'hold' on the acreage.

The federal forest service supports this project by co-funding each tree with 10 cents. We will therefore be able to offer you, the patron, the pine trees for one Euro each. Every Euro makes a difference. Enjoy planting with us!

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