project acreage: Berlin Friedrichshagen I

100.08% planted (trees: 20017 of 20000)
With this ambitious ecological undertaking, a typical Berlin-style Scots Pine grove will be restructured in the district of Friedrichshagen with a feasible target of 20,000 new common Beech trees.

The existing Scots Pine area was clear-cutted in the 1920's followed by immediate re-foundation. A large number of saplings were planted to rebuild this area. After 35 years, the first cuttings occurred to give the remaining trees the freedom and the light to become the forest we see today. Like many forest areas in this district, this grove was also heavily exposed to war-related contamination and other manmade toxicities. The salvage and rejuvenation of this grove therefore became complex and prohibitively expensive. Today the Scots Pine area’s average plant life is 85 years and the trees stand understandably thin. Due to natural overgrowth with late-blooming grape cherry shrubs as well as prolonged damage by wildlife such as roe deer, the area can no longer regenerate without human intervention.

With the benevolent goal of preserving an inner-city recreation area and an overarching mission statement of curbing carbon emissions, we commit to “underplant” this 3ha large monoculture of pine forest with 20,000 common Beech trees. In addition, the wild grape cherry shrubbery growth will be significantly contained while the newly-planted Beeches gain a natural protective barrier from wildlife through carefully-installed fencing. This project demands intensive nurture of the general grove area with the intention of promoting a healthier and more balanced forest habitat that allows for natural regeneration as well as meaningful long-term benefit for the general climate. Berliner Landesforstamt is our strategic partner in this endeavor however they are unfortunately not in a financial position to fully cover the scope and breadth of this ambitious ecological project’s cost structure. Your financial contribution directly funds both the preservation of public recreation areas and the enhancement of the natural habitats of wildlife.

We are effectively achieving our dual-faceted goal of ground-up forestation and tackling the growing danger of unchecked carbon emissions for the greater Berlin area. Please join us in our magnanimous efforts and experience the immediate impact of your donation by visiting the Friedrichshagen grove.

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