offer project acreage

We would like to acquire acreages to grow new forests and run them long-term on a non-profit, sustainable basis. We are looking for acreages providing the following criteria. Acreages should:

  • be afforestable - we should be able to get an afforestation permission from the local authorities ( no protected dry grass land or orchards)
  • 2-20 hectares in size, located on a street / bike path in the ideal case and can easily be seen by the public
  • be transferable to I Plant A Tree through a purchase or donation
  • ideally are mixed areas where forest stands already, but with attached, neighboring surfaces that can be afforested
  • be located ideally in the new federal states of Germany (the best in Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia and around Berlin) - but we also seek acreages outside, depending on price
  • cost at maximum 4,000 € / ha

Please fill in the required fields. We will contact you as soon as possible.

possible not possible
How was the acreage used and whats the current usage?
Is the acreage for sale? yes no
Are there tenancy agreements running? yes no
If yes, how long do they still run?
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