Engage in environmental & climate protection.
» Plant trees online!

Support reforestation projects in your region. Thereby you help to reduce climate change. With us you can document your plantings in a Google Map, in a league table and a personal CO2 counter. Read here about the advantages of your support. We are a NGO, targeting one objective – protection and proliferation of global forests.

We plant new forests worldwide on your behalf, because they

  • are carbon dioxide (CO2) sinks
  • regulate vaporization
  • have a positive effect on the water cycle
  • filter pollutants from the air
  • natural habitat to numerous species
  • set an antipole to land paving
  • are essential for the survival of mankind


News only available in German

Momentarily, we post news only in German. You will only see them if your Browser language is set to "German". Since our platform is still a BETA-Version, we are working to get the English news section on air as soon as possible.  (more)

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