Aug 12, 2015 - by Christian Lingnau

the idea

unbureaucratic, transparent & easy...

It is our objective to start a global initiative to decelerate climate change and to measure success on a collective as well as on an individual level. The entire movement should be as simple and unbureaucratic as possible. We asked ourselves once, what we could to besides all the little things like switching to low energy light bulbs, showering faster, taking the bike instead of the car, etc. We wondered what would happen if every person on this planet would plant just one tree? Every day, every month, every year? Would this have an impact on the climate of our Earth?

After a deeper look on the subject, we knew that it would be significant. Planting trees can be a small, but important part of the remedy to slow climate change.

1 ton of CO2 equals 0.27 tons of carbon and likewise one ton of carbon equals 3.7 tons of CO2;

1 m³ wood contains (depending on type and humidity level) approximately 0.25 tons of carbon, which means that 0.925 tons of CO2 are absorbed from the atmosphere;

It is scientifically proven, that 'sustainable' forests act as long term 'CO2 sinks', since the CO2 that is bound in the wood can be fixed for long-term periods, if it is used to build houses, roofings, etc.;

When cement, concrete and steel is replaced by wood, 1.1 tons of CO2 are saved with each m³ wood;

Our main goal: Planting trees worldwide. Low overhead costs, no tedious bureaucratic procedures - simple & direct. We concentrate on one topic. It is a fresh approach hoping to win lots of supporters and knowledge sharing.

One more thing: Our concept does not imply simply offsetting your carbon footprint. "Plant trees and keep driving SUVs" is not our approach. Get on your bike instead. Turn down the heat, instead of using the window as your temperature regulator. Sometimes it might suffice to finish a shower in 2 minutes instead of waiting until your bathroom is a sauna.

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