Mar 17, 2008 - by Micha

help us

You want to help us?

  • Go out and Plant Trees! Don’t drive 100 miles to plant one.
  • If you know of places, where we can plant in significant numbers (starting from 1 ha - approx. 2.000 trees) please let us now.
  • If you are a tree nursery or a foresty service - please contact us and register to become a partner.
  • If you are part of a government - and you know how we can cooperate - let us know.
  • If you like the idea - spread the word! To Friends, Companies, Land Owners, Governments, Tree Nurseries, ...etc.
  • Join us to help promoting the site in other languages. We are seeking people who write or translate articles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc
  • To acquire new projects and to finance the platform, we simply need money. We are happy about all donations no matter how small.

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    "I Plant A Tree"
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