• Do we send merchandising?

    No merchandising. We plant trees to absorb CO2. We don't want to produce tons of CO2 by sending cheap T-Shirts from China across the world - saggy and never worn - landing on the daily mountains of waste. We don't want to destroy our and your efforts directly.

  • Is the usage of this platform free of charge?

    There are no fees to use "I Plant A Tree". Only if donate trees, which will be planted by us, you will have to pay exactly this amount.

  • How much CO2 does a tree extract from the atmosphere?

    The answer to this question of course varies greatly. Without a doubt, we must acknowledge the following unique and exogenous factors: tree type, length of the vegetation period, water supply, and soil condition.

  • How does Iplantatree work?

    Go out and plant one or multiple trees. Take a nice picture. Login to Iplantatree and register your tree on our platform. Share your good deeds with your friends and other users. Link up with others and plant even more trees. Please inform yourself and take care to plant only trees in those areas, where it is proven that is has a positive effect on the CO2 balance and we will make sure that only those trees are planted that are perfectly fitting the local flora. If you don't have the time or the space to plant a tree - just plant a tree easily online on one of our projects areas.

    For example in Germany it is important to renature flood plains of rivers or bog forests, since those areas can have a large storage capacity for carbon dioxide. You can follow on our site the effects that your personal trees have on the CO2 balance and you are always up to date what we have achieved collectively. Tell others about this idea.

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