• 10. Which payment is the best for you – using debit entry or credit card?

    Honestly, we prefer payment via debit entry, as we are charged with additional costs for any transaction via credit cards. In addition, payments by credit cards is only possible concerning the amount of 15,- € or more. A third option is paying via PayPal, which we are working on for the future.

  • 11. Do you sell merchandise products?

    No, we don’t. The idea behind IPAT is to plant trees in order to bind CO2. If we would consider merchandising, such as t-shirts etc., we would wipe out the ecological benefits, we achieved by producing and shipping these products.

  • 12. Why do you focus on afforestation in middle Europe instead of the tropical rainforests?

    We are certain, that the tropic rainforests are off great importance regarding our climate and the earth. The influence on the global water circulation as well as the radiation balance is common knowledge. In addition, these forests display great biodiversity.

    Nonetheless, we decided to focus on our local trees and forests simply due to the fact, that we can guarantee their protection best from here. Buying areas, combined with binding agreements are our insurance to save the planted trees until these have become sustainable and diversified forests.. Moreover, local forests are simply a natural CO2-reducer and have a positive impact on the quality of the air we breathe and the water circles within our region. Plus, who doesn’t like to take a stroll through local forests? Yet another important aspect is, that not only do we benefit, but also endangered wild animals that find shelter and safety within the depths of the forest. It further gives us the advantage of not always having to travel all the way to the tropic rainforests, check upon the progress in order to keep you up to date on how our – and your – trees are growing.

  • 13. How do you choose appropriate project areas and what are your criteria?

    In order to establish new forests on adequate areas or to restructure existing forests, we are constantly looking for project areas. Despite playing a major role considering the climate changes, restructuring existing forests is not taken as seriously as it should nowadays.

    Due to organisational and financial reasons should every area display 2 ha at the minimum. In order to guarantee a sustainable forestry the best option is to “simply” buy the area. Another options would be a lease contract, promising us an unlimited duration of the contract or even just cooperation with governmental institutions (public institutions, partners – forest offices, municipalities). And just in case – if you have family members or friends who would like to pass on a part of or an entire forest, just contact us and be assured it will be taken great care of.

    In the (unlikely) event of an end of IPAT you can be assured as well, that all is being passed on to another charitable environmental organisation.

  • 14. Will the trees ever be felled?

    It is our most important goal to bind CO2 in order to reduce the climate change. This is done most efficiently, if a certain amount of the wood is being used as construction material. We will select those trees by cooperating with our professional partners to ensure a sustainable forestry. Due to the fact, that trees develop stronger and better under ‘competitive pressure’ we are planting more trees than would survive. Moreover, we are refusing clear cutting and the use of harvesters. In the long run, our forests shall rejuvenate naturally. Based upon a gentle and sustainable management do we not only protect natural habitats but also are able to bind more CO2 and contributing to a consistent and useful way to create a valuable resource for humankind.
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